About Wesley

Wesley Muresan, born in the United States on Easter 4/16/2006, attracted the attention of national and international media when he began riding in the superpipe, sliding rails, and getting big air at the age of three, shortly after strapping into his first pair of bindings…

Wesley’s family was looking for some winter fun when they put Devin, eight, and Wesley, three, on snowboards. Mom expected to spend the season helping the boys down the bunny hill, but on the 3rd trip to the slopes, Devin decided it was time for something bigger. Wesley couldn’t stand it that his big brother was getting off the bunny hill before him… though he did not yet have control of both edges, he followed Devin down the slope by going backwards and cutting his toe edge into the hill while he leaned over and looked through his legs to see where he was going. An addiction was born. Wesley wanted to spend every minute snowboarding; he had to be forced to go inside the lodge to eat lunch and dragged away from the lifts every night when they closed. Not only did he love the sport, but he seemed to progress at the speed of light. He followed his brother everywhere, determined to keep up. Meanwhile, skiers and snowboarders alike would stop in their tracks and stare in amazement at the tiny toddler speeding down the slopes.

Wesley seemed to have been made to snowboard, so a few lessons were arranged for him. When Wesley’s instructor tried to take him on the bunny hill, Wesley adamantly refused: “NO! I’m gonna do halfpipe.” His instructor had him sliding rails and hitting the pipe by the end of that lesson. He continued to progress rapidly, entering a rail jam for nine year-olds and placing second. After receiving his “gold medal” — a gold plastic necklace with a dollar sign on it (his most treasured possession), he walked up to the bar with his prize money and asked for “two victory kiddie cocktails” — one for him, and one for Devin. While sipping his drink, he proudly informed everyone that he had just won his first gold medal. There had never been a happier kid.

NBC news heard about the mini-shredder at Sundown Mountain and ran a story on him. Soon after, Wesley was featured on The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, The Rachel Maddow Show, CNN and the US Snowboarding Team’s website.

Three months after standing on a snowboard for the first time, Wesley — still three years old — visited Colorado, where he shocked the natives by riding his 90cm board down the Imperial Bowl at Breckenridge, hitching a ride in a snowcat to the top of the back bowls at Keystone and shredding down, performing an ally oop in the superpipe, navigating moguls, sliding a horizontally tipped rainbow rail, doing 180 jumps off rails, and buttering on rails.

Wesley returned home to Iowa with a broken heart (all the snow had melted there), but he quickly recovered as he started skateboarding, riding his bike, and playing soccer and baseball outside in the nice weather. The following winter, at age 4, he again strapped his beloved 90 cm snowboard to his feet. After suffering a broken arm the first day of the season, he came back to compete in and win USASA Regionals (cast on his arm and all).  He traveled to Colorado during March and April for USASA as the youngest rider ever to qualify for and compete in Nationals!  He also got to meet and ride with pro snowboarder and two time x-games halfpipe gold medalist Steve Fisher, and the day they spent together was filmed for NBC’s The Today Show.

Currently, Wesley is on the Tyrol Basin freestyle snowboard team.  Practice is a blast!  His coaches and teammates are awesome, and Tyrol Basin really stands behind its young riders.  Wesley has been privileged to receive support from Tyrol Basin, Boulder Gear, Snow Dragons, Burton, Midwest Represent, DoubleSharp, Demosport, Racewax, Aratik USA, and Dual Snowboards.  Tyrol Basin in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, is Wesley’s shred home… but he is lucky to go out West every year, where he rides mountains like Breckenridge, Copper, Winter Park, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin, and has gotten to hit the park with pros Blake Axelson and Red Gerard, who got a kick out of hanging with a little grom ripper. Red even taught 6 year-old Wes how to hardway 360.

If you see Wesley shredding this season — his tiny stature shredding big things can’t be missed — be sure to say hi!  He loves making new friends.

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