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I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my family! I’m blessed to have 3 siblings — an older brother, a little sister, a little brother — and a mom and stepdad who all support my love of snowboarding.

Devin (born 11/25/01) is the big brother I adore, and he snowboards for fun.  He prefers exploring the mountain to throwing down tricks in the terrain park.  Mogul and tree runs are his favorite.  As I’ve progressed at being a maniac mini-shredder, Devin has become the protective big brother who watches over me.

We still argue about which part of the mountain to ride: park vs. back country… and if Devin loses the argument, he is more likely to sit down and pull a book out of his pocket than a 360 on the rails (my big brother is super smart and I’m in awe of his intellectual skills). As he and I get older, it will be interesting to see what kind of role Devin plays in shaping my snowboarding endeavors.

For now, he and I are best friends and worst enemies… and are learning that, whatever happens, nobody has your back like your brother does!

Visit Devin’s blog at

Check out the video of Devin riding and having fun with me during the year we learned to snowboard…

My mom put me on a snowboard when I was just three years old. She wanted to have some fun outside, and had no idea how much I would take to the sport. Since then, Mom has spent thousands of hours taking me to snowboard events. She drives all over with my siblings in tow, freezes her toes off, and cheers for me everywhere I go. She even snowboarded until she was 8 months pregnant so she could supervise me on the mountain and watch my competitions. Mom also tells me to be safe… kind of like a voice of reason in my head full of trick ideas! She writes about our unconventional family and her life as a “Shred Mom” here…
Check it out and click on the snowboarding category for some great shred stories. Visit her YouTube Channel, too (she films and edits most of my videos).
Happy shredding!
— Wes